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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Welcome to Argosy University, Tampa

Argosy University

At Argosy University, Tampa, we're committed to preparing students like you for an environment of success. Located in sunny Tampa, Florida, our campus attracts a diverse student population from throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia. We're conveniently located near shopping and restaurants, and a two-hour drive of the Disney theme parks, Busch Gardens, and the Florida Gulf Coast beaches.

To succeed in today's competitive workforce, you need a solid foundation of knowledge - and the power to put it to work. And that's exactly what an Argosy University education offers.
Drawing upon more than 30-year history of granting degrees in professional psychology, Argosy University has developed a curriculum that focuses on interpersonal skills and practical experience alongside academic learning. This unique combination of scholarship and relationship building is the heart and soul of every academic experience at Argosy University. Whatever your chosen field, whatever degree you pursue, you graduate with a solid foundation of knowledge - and the power to put it to work.
Argosy U offers Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's degrees in four major disciplines through its College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, College of Education, College of Business, and College of Health Sciences. Its College of Health Sciences also offers Associate's degree programs.
Argosy is online and also operates 18 locations across the U.S. Argosy is a college that states "we are committed to creating a supportive learning environment and providing students with a wealth of opportunities and resources."
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